"There wasn't a single one of the eight classes I didn't enjoy on some level."


"For the past six weeks, I have been whiling away too many hours in Black Desert Online. Though I’m nowhere near my goal of level 50, it’s high time I stick a fork in this review process and puts a score to Daum Games and Pearl Abyss’ open world MMORPG so I can just get back to playing the game any way I want. Where will the magic number land? Read on, and find out why I think BDO’s western release signals a change in the winds of the MMORPG genre."

MMORPG.COM - William Murphy

"There's no arguing, Black Desert Online has one of the finest character creation screens of any genre. It's powerful enough to have been made its own download, a world away from just putting Head One onto Body One, or Boobs Two in the case of half the characters in most MMOs. Tweak face vertices. Make the perfect eyes. Apply make-up. Dye the tips of your hair. Make the character of your dreams, as long as they can more or less fit into an anime style Korean RPG."

EUROGAMER.NET - Richard Cobbett

"In the old Everquest days, MMOs were hard and obtuse. These games would throw you into a world with some explanation, but you ultimate direction to be puzzled out. Communities sprung up around providing these explanations for players who simply didn't have the time or inclination to puzzle things out. This had the added benefit of improving player communities through the sharing of relevant information. The problem is if you didn't know where to find that info or you ran into a troll, your experience wasn't a pleasant one. "

USGAMER.NET - Mike Williams